Ridar, an innovative, simple and unobtrusive app that enhances motorcycle safety by making drivers aware of a rider’s nearing presence, needed a marketing landing page to attract and educate potential investors.

The design embraces parallax scrolling by combining a timed narrative with imagery from the app, creating a compelling engagement of the app in action. The imagery begins with the core feature of the app, the radar, superimposed over a hero image of the target market. As the user scrolls, the radar rotates but will remain fixed to the center of the screen as the image behind it changes. Each scroll will add a little more information to the radar, essentially building the story of how the app is used. Each screen will display new copy, pointing out the strengths of Ridar: cutting edge tech, ease of use, having the rider’s back, and that it’s freakin awesome. At the end of the story, the user will arrive at the essential content information.

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