Project: A leading security company known for enterprise data encryption and authorization was looking to create a consumer facing password security product. Our task was to make an application where a user can save all of their online logins in one secure place and to encourage users to use a different password for every login instead of using the same, simple one that most people currently use. Through discovery sessions with the stakeholders we learned that we needed to create an end-to-end credential & ID management experience that variety of user types would find easy to use & feel confident using. The product would also need to be designed for a variety of operating systems.


Our next step in the process was to create user flows based off the needs of the users. When using the app for the fist time the user will need to go through on boarding. Seeing as how we want to encourage stronger password creation we conceived of combining two methods. One would be creating a password based on an image from the user’s library on their device. This would be a familiar image and one that could inspire recall easily if they forgot their password. The second step would be to demonstrate that a password with separated words like lemon Beyonce anvil cake was much stronger than the typical word with a capital plus a number.

The app would be split into four main sections: Logins, Files, Notes, and Sharing. Logins would house all the apps and login credentials the user has entered. Files and Notes would be a place that the user could save important documents or other sensitive material. The Sharing section would be similar to Logins, but list those apps which the user is sharing with someone else. So say that you and your partner share a Netflix account, you could see and edit those joint credentials.


Starting with the iOS phone, the designs were sketched out with pen and paper, then finalized in Adobe Illustrator. Each element and feature of the app needed to carry over through each platform. Using iOS phone as a base level, I was able to construct the wire frames for the Android phone, as well as tablet versions of both operating systems. From here the designs branched out to cover apps for Mac and PC desktops as well as an app for the browser.

Phone and Tablet: Android and iOS

hackett_design_project_ux_rsa_mobile hackett_design_project_ux_rsa_tablet

Desktop: Mac, PC, and Browser Apps

hackett_design_project_ux_rsa_mac_app hackett_design_project_ux_rsa_pc_app hackett_design_project_ux_rsa_browser

Conclusion This app places security at the user’s fingertips. No longer will they need to worry about finding the right password for the right application or worrying about whether each one is secure enough. This app will guide the user through the process of finding a secure passphrase for each website and application and then guide them to creating a unique, secure passphrase for the overall application. The app will also allow users to store and share files and notes in a secure manner. To appeal to the target audience, the app’s aesthetic is secure and modern, with a focus on ease of use and readability. This app should appear trustworthy to all potential customers- because it is.

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