The Tap & Tan is a native mobile app built from scratch and designed to help customers find local tanning salons using geolocation. Through a web-based admin system, salons can register to the app and promote daily specials and display coupons on a customizable profile exhibiting pictures of their salon, location, hours of operation, and more.

The app is free to download on iTunes.

From the kick off meeting with the client we established our goals:

  1. Create an experience which is simple, convenient, current and fun;
  2. Help both customers and salons save money, and
  3. Remove the barriers between customers and salons.

My next process after the kick off was to establish user flows and create an app map.

hackett_design_project_ux_tapntan_1 hackett_design_project_ux_tapntan_8

In order to address our first goal, I considered ways that I could create an interaction that brings a bit of delight to the user each time the app is used. The solution I arrived at transformed the logo into the sun, and used the navigation arrow icon as its rays.


From the map, or the list view, the user can see high level details about the salon. Clicking on the tile will link to the salon detail page. Each detail page needed to show the basic information the user would need to find or contact the salon. One additional item would be if the salon had a coupon. An icon would be added to the detail page indicating the coupon and the coupon itself would be at the bottom of the screen.


Company: Worry Free Labs

Client: Rootle Ventures LLC

Roles + Responsibilities:

  1. Stake Holder Kick Off
  2. App Map
  3. iOS Wireframes
  4. Interaction Conceptualization
  5. Prototyping
  6. Annotations
  7. Oversaw UI and Development
  8. QA Testing

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