Project: My team was tasked with a full concept redesign for the New York tourist info site NYCgo.com. Our product arose from analyzing several user personas in order to get to the core of what the user wanted from the website. Why were they going there? What was the drive? Who were they and what were the needs they wanted fulfilled?

hackett_design_project_ux_website_NYCGO_02 hackett_design_project_ux_website_NYCGO_03 hackett_design_project_ux_website_NYCGO_04

Task: Create a product page for sample event on NYCgo.com. Incorporating the priorities and features set out by the team, and using the voice of the 'trusted guide' I determined the content and hierarchy of the page. At the top are strong visual clues to the event, the ability to add it to the Bin, followed by a clear description of what visitors should expect. Listed below are the tags associated with sliders set by the user earlier on the Guide page. Furthermore, there are tips posted by NYC residents to give tourists a local's real opinion and validation.

hackett_design_project_ux_website_NYCGO_05 hackett_design_project_ux_website_NYCGO_06

As the user scrolls down the page they can see where in the city the event is located on the map, the address, and quick links to mass transit. To continue the search and add items onto the itinerary, there are two lists; one of similar events and another of events nearby.

Company: Huge

Roles + Responsibilities:

  1. Persona and User Flow Creation
  2. Wireframes
  3. Prototyping

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